10am: Damn, I definitely drank too much last night. First official weekend night outing since I have weekends off. Feels good to be an adult…yet I still got drunk? Hypocritical?

11am: Loose gravel, four inch heels and numb cold feet = a painful outcome. I feel like I’m five years old again with a scrapped knee. Thankfully, I am a mature adult now and didn’t cry as I “laughed it off”. Now, where are my Snoopy Band-Aids?

1130am: Damn it. I really don’t want to go to the grocery store and deal with the crazies. But I really am out of left overs =(. Nooooo!!!!!

12-4pm: Nursing hangover by drinking triple grande soy latte, and two cups of tea at JavaMonkey with Amy; as well as a large fry from McDonalds. Mmmm. Grease and salt.

5pm: Cursing as Vlad and I decide we need to drive to Kroger to get food for dinner (NOT FOR THE WEEK)

510pm: Arrive at Kroger, guffaw at the lines wrapped around the store already.

655pm: Kroger wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. It was pretty funny to see our little basket with food for dinner tonight (tacos…yum) compared to everyone’s grocery cart (some TWO) FULL of frozen pizza, ground beef, milk and lean cuisines. Looks like Vlad will have to suffer through my fake ground beef for the tacos since they were sold out. (Also sold out of Ramen noodles, chips, soup and canned corn). Still stood in line for awhile.

7pm: Pondering: If everyone’s scared of the power going out and being stuck in their homes for weeks…how would frozen pizza work? Cook it over your logs in your fire place? Can you eat Ramen raw? Would you really want to? Should’ve stocked up on Twinkies. They’ll survive anything. Maybe next time this happens I’ll buy every box of Ramen they have…early… since they are so cheap…and sell them out of the back of my car for $20.00 a cup? Muahaha.

715pm: Hmm. Will this be us in a few hours?

Watch An Icy 20-Car Pileup As It Happens.


I guess if you don’t hear from me for awhile, Vlad, Sammy and I are in our fort of blankets and pillows, snuggled up in the bathtub…cursing we didn’t buy ground beef and milk.

2 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse?

  1. The bathtub, huh? Is the snow going to turn into some kind of Day After Tomorrow ice tornado? 🙂

    …That would be bad.

    (Love you. Miss you!)

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