I can’t help but wonder…

How many divorces will result from this Snowpocalypse? People have been stuck inside their homes since Sunday night…and it doesn’t look like it is going to get any better until at least Saturday.


I also wonder…


How many children in the future will be saying, “Yeah, I was a Snowpocalypse baby…”

At least Vlad and I were able to slide to Kroger a half a mile down the road. Everyone there looked pissed. I did get a great quote from Vlad though.

*While sliding over ice and plowing through snow/ice hills*

Vlad: Man…I feel like an ICE ROAD TRUCKER!! Whooo!

This is awesome because that is one of his favorite shows and I felt like I was witnessing a little boy playing with trucks. It is also awesome because he drives a Pontiac Grand Am.


Proud to say he is mine, nonetheless.

No “divorces” from the Snowpocalypse from this couple.

Also no “Snowpocalypse” babies either. Yikes.

At the rate I’m going with not being able to work these last few days (and probably more), I won’t have any money for rent and utilities, much less a kid in the future. Getting paid hourly sucks.

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