It certainly has been awhile.

Well, hello there.

I know I have been MIA since the Snowpocalypse. It may have seemed I had been buried under the snow, never to return again.

This was almost true, though not in the literal sense.

Things were going downhill for me at the law firm. People were showing their true colors more and more and I had never been so unhappy in my entire life. I felt like I was buried in dread, anger, angst and depression. I just couldn’t find my way out of the clutter. I began losing my sense of self. Being belittled every single day and having to clean up attorney’s dishes because “it is woman’s work and I am a secretary” and having snotty tissues pressed into my hand during my “big task of the day” of cleaning his office…when the garbage can was right next to his desk.

Being called a moron, a silly little girl and having no respect toward me even as a human being, much less a coworker, took its toll on my personality and value of myself. It got to the point where it infected every single aspect of my life. I just couldn’t “leave it at work” anymore, so to speak. I noticed I had no drive to listen to music anymore. No drive to write. No drive to read. No drive to do much of anything.

Those days are over.

I am proud and ecstatic to say, I have just landed the job of my dreams. It finally happened to me. If you have been reading this blog from the beginning, you’ll know it has been a long and winding road. I am now the new Editorial Specialist at one of the top law firms in the country. They have been voted in Fortune’s top 100 Companies to Work. Ranked in the top five for the last several years, and this year number 13…out of 100. These surveys are completed by the employees of these companies which are candidates for the title. so, I would think it was legit.

I had a total of FIVE interviews with these people. They are extremely picky as to who they bring onto the team. They conducted a background check, credit check and a reference check. On the fifth interview, I was waiting for the lie detector test to be placed next to me.

They were actually more concerned with my personality and work ethic and who I WAS as an INDIVIDUAL than what was on my resume (though that did help).

I got the call at 410pm on St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll never forget it.

“Hi, Abi! I just wanted to give you a call to say how much we truly enjoyed meeting you. We loved getting to know you and think you are just a wonderful person, hard worker and you seem like someone who would be wonderful to work with. We are very excited to offer you the position as Editorial Specialist and hope you can accept?”

I absolutely, could…not….speak. All I could do was choke out a strangled “thank-you.” She had to clarify that meant yes, but after that she began telling me the benefits and the salary.

I was shaking so hard I had to sit on the ground.

Someone finally saw me for who I was. Someone finally got me. Someone finally sees what Vlad, my family and my friends have been telling me all along, and what I had forgotten about myself over the past several months.

I feel like myself again. I long to write, read, listen to music, go places and do the things I used to enjoy.

I feel like this huge burden and weight that has been growing more and more since I graduated has finally been lifted and I feel like my old self. It is so strange to realize, looking back, just how much of myself was missing, especially these last few months.

So now, I hope to continue to write and live my life and be happy. Sure, there will be bad days at work. However, I know, all I’ll have to do is look back to what I’ve been through and how I got to where I am. I’ll know, whatever is going on, it truly isn’t that bad. I’ll get through it. And as Vlad said on the phone when I called him crying at work to tell him “…I got it…” through his muffled tears as to not draw attention to himself at work he whispered, “Baby, I think, finally, things are going to get a lot easier from here.”

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