Signs of True Love

1. Me waking up this morning to an unexpected visitor (Aunt Flow, anyone?) and G running to the store without me asking him to and picking up needed supplies that I inconveniently did not have. I later found out the cashier was gushing about how sweet of a young man he was and caused a scene. That made his good deed even sweeter.

2. Realizing tonight I had run out of Advil (while G was rubbing my sore lower back, I might add) and he ran to Kroger again for the second time today to grab some because I had cramps. Again, I didn’t even have to ask.

3. Having G call me into the bathroom to inspect his poop because he thought he had the worm. After taking a picture of said poop to show the doctor, we had forgotten about it. Found it again much later while deleting pictures and laughed for 30 minutes after finally figuring out what it was.

4. Taking the plunge and signing a 12-month lease tomorrow to live together in our new loft.

Think of all the bodily function love stories we are going to accumulate now. I’m sure you can hardly wait—I know I can’t.

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