Of course

Every single time G. leaves to go out of town–whether it be work-related or not–something goes wrong.  The issues are usually related to my car or an animal.  I was prepared for those things.  This, however, I was not prepared for.

Why is this in front of our apartment?  When I came inside, the poor cats were freaking out.  I went back outside to look at the damage and my neighbor said that the noise from whatever they were doing was so loud, she had to leave her apartment because it was hurting her ears.  The poor kitties.  Also, it is kind of difficult to get in and out of the door with a trench in front of it.  Let’s hope I drink enough coffee in the morning before I leave for work so I don’t forget it’s there and fall into the abyss.

Update: They are now cleaning out the GREASE TRAP for the restaurant…which is, ironically, on the OTHER SIDE of our door. If you have ever worked at a restaurant, you know how disgusting the smell is. Good lord.

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