Seen and heard on a cold Thursday night

After G. and I returned from taking the trash out on Thursday’s wonderful, blustery, cold and dark-at-6:00 p.m. evening (hey, I’m not being sarcastic, I LOVE fall and everything about it), we found it odd the kitties didn’t come pounding over and greet us at the door, like they usually do, every time we come back into the apartment.  Like dogs.

Even more of an oddity, Sammy didn’t try his typical mass exodus escape plan out the door, which involves a lot of wrestling, dragging (not by the tail) tugging, and tearing of toenails on skin–Sammy’s toenails, for the record.

We very reluctantly walk into the kitchen, bracing ourselves for the worst.  Normally when the kitties don’t come out when we arrive, they’ve done something they shouldn’t be doing–i.e., unrolling the paper towel across the kitchen floor and tearing it to shreds, unrolling two rolls of toilet paper and having two different toilet paper trails weaving throughout the entire house, like they were racing each other to see who could unravel it the quickest, knocked over books, CD’s…well, anything in general.  It’s really like living with two furry toddlers in their “terrible-two’s” stage.

After further inspection, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, except Sammy was lurking in the window, hunched over like when Snoopy from the Peanuts is being a vulture.  Sammy didn’t move, his back hunched over, tail twitching, thinking he is such a big tough guy, “protecting the family”– even though most people who know us, knows he is scared of his own shadow.

We looked out the windows into the darkness, even through the screen, and couldn’t see anything…until we heard voices.

Random Guy 1: Man, they had like, a fucking court order and shit!

Random Guy 2: That’s just crazy, like, crazy!

Random Guy 1: Man, it’s just……

Random Guy 2: Whatchu gonna do man?  I mean, shit man!


Random Guy 1: D’OH!!

Random Guy 2: *maniacal laughter*

Random Guy 1: Shhhh! Shhh! Oh, man!  Look Dawg!  Check that out!  Hey! Hey! Hey kitty! Hey! WHAT- UP kitty!

Random Guy 2: Awwww man that’s cute.  Kind of creepy-like, though. Look at them big green eyes.  But it’s cute. Hey! What up kitty cat! Hey! Hey dawg! Hahahaha. It’s funny cause he’s a cat, right?

*A few minutes pass*

Random Guy 1: Man, let’s hurry up man. He won’t stop STARING.

Sammy actually stood his ground while they continued to hurriedly throw wood for a project into the shed in the back of our apartment building.

As they drove off in their rickety and white pick-up truck, I snuggled up with G. on the couch, feeling safe that we have Sammy, our killer guard cat to protect us.

…until Molly knocked something over, causing Sammy to leap a foot into the air and hide under the bed.

One day.


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