I both loathe, and love, how every Friday, everyone’s phrase of the day is one of the following: “Happy Friday!” or “Happy Friday to us!” or “Hooray, Friday!” or “Thank god, we made it!”

Love, because everyone is in a pretty good mood and you can feel the excitement swirling in the air. Plus, this also means I am wearing jeans and not “business casual” clothing.

Loathe, because it’s sad, and almost manic, how excited everyone is to go live their real lives starting tomorrow or something. Like we hate every single other day of our pathetic corporate lives in our cubes. It is kind of depressing. Kind of like how everyone flips their lids over someone bringing in Krispy Kreme or Sublime Doughnuts on a random morning.

Maybe this is telling me to stop being so cynical and appreciate the little things in life. The little gems like free doughnuts (hooray!) or it being Friday (thank god!). Perhaps I’m the one that “doesn’t get it.” Does this declaration of love for Friday and doughnuts to the point of hysteria bug anyone else? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I find it mildly depressing.

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