Human interaction is hard stuff

I really hate, every time I meet someone new, I forget their name immediately after they tell me. In fact, I don’t think I even hear their name because I am focusing on how firm my handshake is (can’t have a dead-fish handshake) and concentrating on not nodding my head and bowing–yeah. I do that. I’ve been called out. Maybe it was from all those years in karate and being a karate instructor. I don’t know. But I do know that I just met someone five minutes ago and can’t remember his name and I know I’ll see him again in passing and when he left he said the obligatory, “Nice to meet you, Abi,” and inserted the name in there again…probably doing what most normal people do and making sure it is ingrained in their memory. I would’ve done the same if I heard his name in the first place. This is a common, everyday thing…so, word to the wise; if I meet you for the first time and you tell me your name, I absolutely, will not, without a doubt, remember what it is so don’t be offended. However, I can guarantee I won’t headbutt you from nodding my head in a bowing-like fashion and my handshake will not be like a dead-fish handshake. Priorities.

This human interaction business is tough.

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