Weekend filled with things for which to be grateful

After lounging in bed for a bit, Greg and I decided to go get some brunch at Stone Soup Kitchen, our favorite breakfast spot in Atlanta that uses local ingredients, including local coffee from Bartdorf & Bronson (my fav.), and they have an absolutely GORGEOUS enclosed patio with a ton of beautiful flowers and plants, floor-to-ceiling windows that open and skylight windows that open, too.   As I checked in on Foursquare, it reminded me this was “THE FOURTH WEEK IN A ROW!  ROCK ON!”  Not sure if that means we need to branch out more or we just know what we love and make a tradition out of it.  I’m going with the latter.  It’s in an up-and-coming part of town, really close to our new neighborhood on the east side of town (which is also up-and-coming) so it’s been one of our comfort places these past few weeks as planning for the wedding stresses arise and family emergencies and sad things continue to occur.

Brunch Fun




As for the stressful things this year, in addition to my beloved Memaw passing away in February, my Dad losing his job and our family dog who lived with my Dad passing away, my Grandpa on my Dad’s side, the only Grandparent on that side of the family who was left, passed away the day after our amazing wedding shower.

Lately I’ve been feeling like every time I feel good about something and excited, something comes and shits all over it.  We had a great time when Greg’s parents came to visit in June–however, the afternoon they left for the airport we were told by our apartment management they weren’t going to renew our lease for our loft, and we had 60 days to be out of there because the crazy lady and her brat children upstairs started a “complaint war” when we started filing complaints against them for skateboarding and stomping around until 4 a.m. every single night during the week for eight months and we couldn’t sleep.  She apparently had stack of notes on us ranging from everything from “using the microwave too loudly” to “the t.v. is too loud,” which, by the way, is what she told us to do to block out their noise upstairs.  So, we had to do an emergency move out of our beloved loft, our first place together, because we filed a third and final noise complaint against them (not knowing she was filing them against us) and she threatened to sue us and the property owners for harassment and discrimination against her, since she had all those “complaints” about us, as well.

We were out in a month.

We were really happy in our new part of town, we had an adorable bungalow to call our (rental) own near East Atlanta Village, but, of course, nothing can ever be easy, and we ended up having a rat problem (which was unceremoniously discovered when the delivery guy was bringing in the new stove our landlord ordered for us and seven rats popped out of the old one when he moved it, causing him to fling them onto me…not pretty) and then having severely leaky windows in our sunroom where the electricity broke with new mold.

Fingers crossed, we have the rat problem nixed after several rounds with an exterminator (shout out to Rid-A-Critter!!) and living with my Dad for a week from PTSD of rats and being in the kitchen by me, and the windows have finally stopped leaking after two months.

Then, like I said, we had a fantastic wedding shower with 25 people, great food, family, adult beverages and fun.  I don’t remember the last time I had so much fun and I finally felt like it was safe to become excited for the wedding–and the next day, my poor Grandpa passed away.

So, with all that said, my new focus of this blog will be a place for me to post photos, quotes, and my own musings and observations of finding the little things in life to be thankful for.  They’re all around.  I need to have a positive space that almost forces me to shape my way of thinking to be looking for these things all around me.  Having a blog to keep up with and somewhere to post my observations will keep my mind alert and will almost force positivity and happiness to become a very welcomed habit.

While I was mulling over this idea for my blog, I looked over from the sofa in our sunroom, and I saw the most beautiful butterfly out the window.  I seem to recall that seeing a butterfly is a symbol of some sort of transformation–which I believe is so accurate in my life right now.  With all of these people passing away, there are new beginnings on the horizon–starting a new family and marrying my best friend, new goals and hopes for our careers, lifestyle changes and transitions and, on a smaller scale, a transformation of my focus and attitude in life, which will hopefully reflect on this blog.

Thanks for sticking with me readers, I know I have been MIA and my writing is quite rusty.  Here’s to new beginnings and, hopefully, getting my writing chops back!