The Pinx Band Biography

Soon to be published to the band’s website and Facebook page:

Remember back to a time when vinyl records were the definitive way to hear music—the click of the needle and the crackling that only comes from listening to a record on a turntable. The time when bands like The Who, The Stones, and Led Zeppelin reigned supreme. This is the Pinx—the head-bobbing, toe tapping, down and dirty rock n’ roll that grabs audiences’ ears, building a buzz that causes that audience to physically react, getting them on their side and capturing them at every show. 

With a combined musical experience that spans decades, The Pinx, (a la Liberal Commie Pinkos) brings listeners back to a time when you would sit in your bedroom for hours, listening and playing along to music.  Music that was your therapy, your friend, and the soundtrack to the best moments of your life. Created in 2007 by guitarist and music producer Adam McIntyre, who not only has produced bands all over Atlanta, but in the music capital of the U.S., Nashville, as well, McIntyre’s goal originally was to “bring happiness and rock n’ roll to the ‘children.’” McIntyre asked himself what he had the most fun creating, and the music of The Pinx was the answer to that question.

The Pinx will be celebrating their ten-year anniversary this year, and while still bold and fun—and definitely still bringing happiness—they are trying to spread the message of kindness, a much-needed mindset in today’s world. 

Their latest album, Freedom, is entirely true stories about freedom, the absence of it and the search for it. Nods to songwriters like Tom Petty, Todd Snider and Dan Baird keep it thoroughly American, while Stonesy moments of Exile provide color and depth. On the surface, it’s thoroughly enjoyable rock and roll. A deeper listen reveals well-executed story songs. A rave-up MC5 cover rounds out the batch.

While McIntyre was the mastermind behind Freedom, playing and singing much of the album himself, the band has since toured a lot and quickly evolved to have influence from each band member – guitarist and vocalist, Chance McColl, bassist and vocalist Jon Lee, and drummer Dwayne Jones. Combined with McIntyre, they’ve played in many prominent Atlanta bands, including well-known local favorites such as StoneRider, The Forty-Fives, Telestrion, Thee Crucials, Demonaut, and Order of the Owl—to name a few.

After hitting their 2016 goals of releasing a new album; opening for international acts on big stages (Blue Oyster Cult, Electric Six, Dick Dale); getting rave reviews both in the U.S. and in EU’s Classic Rock, Fireworks, Rock & Metal and Powerplay magazines; being featured on the soundtrack of biker-slasher film “Frankenstein Created Monsters”; having song placement on TV, including on Fox Sports Network and NASCAR; the guys are taking 2017 to focus on more touring, creating new music, and releasing a special limited edition, numbered and specially-colored release of Freedom on vinyl.  

With each band member having been influenced by the greats from the 60s and 70s, including The Kinks, The MC5, Jimi Hendrix, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Who and Led Zeppelin, the band is sure to continue to be “intentionally not modern, but never intentionally retro. Timeless.”

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