Romper Article: Am I Reliving My Mother’s Trauma Through My Pregnancy?

It was really late at night, and I woke up in my Little Mermaid sleeping bag on the floor of my cousin Tommy’s bedroom screaming and crying for my mom. But my mom was at the hospital delivering my baby brother. I was 5, and I remember it all very clearly. Something didn’t feel right, and I needed to see if my mom was OK. I knew it wasn’t, somehow, and the thought shook me out of a sound sleep. My Aunt Kitty ran in to me, and then called the hospital to see if I could talk to my mom and dad.

I don’t remember what was said during the conversation I had with my parents that night, but I do remember them sounding really awful and weird. It wasn’t until a few days later that I found out my brother Alex was stillborn. This information is horrible enough on its own, but to make it more devastating, I was also supposed to have a twin sister, Amanda, and she had been stillborn as well, five years before.

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