Thankful Trees and Other Things

I seem to always want to blog more when it gets colder, a chill in the air. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the temperature, the leaves, the activities and the way it makes me feel introspective and most like myself. It’s a time for tea, journaling, and curling up with a blanket and a good book. … More Thankful Trees and Other Things

Things I’ve Learned (So Far) from Working at Home

Cats are just as annoying (if not more so) as human coworkers. There’s still drama, but instead of finding out that so and so slept with so and so from accounting, there’s cleaning up the hairballs, keeping them from tearing down the blinds and constantly breaking up cat fights. Also, your coworkers in an office (usually? hopefully?) … More Things I’ve Learned (So Far) from Working at Home

Saturday morning

I enjoying hearing him talk to the cats because I don’t think he realizes I’m here. “Hey, cats! There are my guys.” We have the most well-liked and popular kitties on the block.  The wait staff from the restaurant talks to them through the screen in the window when they’re out back on break and … More Saturday morning