Bible Belt

Nothing makes you feel more like an alcoholic than standing in the “alcohol line” at Kroger waiting until 12:31 to pay for your sin (champagne for mimosas to drink during a crafting party) and having all the other people that come up to the line told if they don’t have alcohol they can come on … More Bible Belt

Douglas Brake’s organic fall into children’s music

Originally published here for Ruckus Magazine. Douglas Brake of Douglas Brake and the Sizzle, Hiss, Pop Band didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Hey, I should write and play kid music.” It happened organically, late one night while Brake was trying to get his then-1-year-old son to fall asleep. “I ran out of songs … More Douglas Brake’s organic fall into children’s music


I both loathe, and love, how every Friday, everyone’s phrase of the day is one of the following: “Happy Friday!” or “Happy Friday to us!” or “Hooray, Friday!” or “Thank god, we made it!” Love, because everyone is in a pretty good mood and you can feel the excitement swirling in the air. Plus, this … More Fridays

Ruckus Book Review: Confessions of a Scary Mommy – Jill Smokler

Originally published in Ruckus Magazine. When Jill Smokler found out she was pregnant, she had a “hysteria inducing, this-cannot-be-happening-to-me, why-did-I-not-triple-up-on-the-birth-control shock that rocked [her] selfish, skinny life to the very core.” Her life consisted of working, shopping, eating out with her husband, drinking with friends and shopping some more. Surprisingly, once her first child was … More Ruckus Book Review: Confessions of a Scary Mommy – Jill Smokler

Daydream Believer

In memoriam. Davy Jones passed away today from a heart attack at the age of 66. I’m not gonna lie. I watched this video and I wept.  Well, maybe not wept. But, as I was showing G. the video, I had quite a few tears running down my cheeks. I think G. was watching me … More Daydream Believer

Quote of the Day

Me: The night before last night, our neighbor told me she was outside in the back walking her dog and she saw two rats the size of [our cat] beside the building and then the guy who grabbed them said he saw one on the second floor balcony area! G: Oh Jesus! That is insane!!! … More Quote of the Day