I have recently become a HUGE fan of Bloglovin and I’m hoping you guys can follow me there. It’s wonderful and so easy to use! It organizes all of your favorite blogs you follow in one place, sorting out all of the read from the unread posts, so it’s easy to maintain and not miss … More Bloglovin

I love me some October

Greg and I celebrated our four year anniversary on Tuesday by going to the local estate/antique shop and “thrifting” for a new side table and eating dinner at Café Alsace—the restaurant  he took me to the night he proposed.  It was a perfect romantic, low-key celebration. That seems to be more our style as of late, which is … More I love me some October

Douglas Brake’s organic fall into children’s music

Originally published here for Ruckus Magazine. Douglas Brake of Douglas Brake and the Sizzle, Hiss, Pop Band didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Hey, I should write and play kid music.” It happened organically, late one night while Brake was trying to get his then-1-year-old son to fall asleep. “I ran out of songs … More Douglas Brake’s organic fall into children’s music